The High Potential (HP) Program sets the standard for excellence and leadership at Saint Mary’s College of California

The High Potential (HP) Program/TRIO Student Support 服务 provides access to education for dedicated students from traditionally underserved groups in higher education and is designed to foster student success by drawing on the strengths and resiliency of first generation and/or low-income scholars as they transition from high school and beyond.

The 高潜力项目/TRIO Student Support 服务 office is open Monday-Friday from 9 AM- 5 PM. Our services are delivered both in-person and virtually to support the needs and modalities of our students.

hps, a TRIO Student Support 服务 (SSS) program is partially-funded by a federal grant ($253,032 per year from 2020-2025) from the U.S. 教育部.


高潜力项目 Details

成功的教练 – All HP students are assigned a dedicated Success Coach in the High Potential program for monthly (mandatory) individualized coaching sessions to help ensure steady progress toward academic, 社会, 个人目标. Our Coaches are first-generation college students and graduates of SMC’s Masters in Counseling program.

车间/培训 HP students are invited to participate in on- and off-campus workshops and trainings that support their academic, 专业, 个人成长. These opportunities change each semester based on the current needs of HP students, but including graduate school info sessions, 心理健康实践, career planning and 专业 development training.

优先注册 – All HP students who continue to make academic progress and are in good standing with the program will receive priority/early registration.

Summer Academic Institute for Leaders and Scholars (SAILS) – All incoming first-year HP students are invited to participate in an intensive two-week summer residential program, gaining an opportunity to meet professors, 教练, 以及同伴导师. The activities and classes focus on academic, psycho社会 and cultural development, as well as forming a close bond with peers. SAILS is an extremely popular college transition experience, but it is not a requirement for students to participate in SAILS to be eligible for the academic year programming. 

同侪导师计划 – First-year and transfer HP students are assigned an HP Peer Mentor. HP 同伴导师 offer academic, 个人, and 专业 support - in the form of regular check-ins - throughout the students’ first year at Saint Mary’s (Transfer students also receive support through a dedicated transfer advising cohort). Students who will be entering their second, 第三, and fourth year are invited to apply to this paid leadership position. Peer mentors also host “town hall” events to give HP students the opportunity to be involved, 了解产品, and provide feedback to the program, as well as facilitating biweekly study groups tutoring sessions and monthly 社会s. 认识同侪导师.

HP First Year Advising Cohort – Incoming first-year HP students enroll in HP FYAC, a partial credit course for both fall and spring semesters of their first year. 这门课, taught by the student’s faculty advisor, provides academic support and guidance to set a solid foundation for high academic and 个人 achievement. Faculty assist students with essential academic skills such as time management, 学习习惯, using campus resources effectively, 跟踪自我进步.

FAFSA指导 & 金融知识 – All HP students receive support filling out the FAFSA, advocacy from the Office of 金融援助, and annual financial literacy education workshops.

学费奖学金 – HP Students that demonstrate financial need are eligible for grant aid of up to $2,500 per year. Students must be Federal Pell Grant eligible and this award amount is subject to change depending on the students' financial circumstances. This scholarship money is renewable as long as students remain in good academic standing and are taking advantage of all required HP supports. 

月光奖学金 -每年, eight High Potential students - four first-year students and four rising Seniors - are selected to receive 月光奖学金, 私人捐助者提供, 惠普的校友, and two-time Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali ‘96. 月光下的十大网赌平台 receive $2,500 (first-years) or $5,000 (rising seniors) in tuition support. Learn more about our current 月光下的十大网赌平台 在这里.

物质资源 -此外, High Potential students have access to book scholarships, 技术贷款(ipad), 计算器…), 学校用品, 零食, 专业 clothes lending library, and emergency funding through the program.




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